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HRDF Claimable Training Malaysia

SHRA was founded in September 2019 inspired by the intention of Mr Lim Kim Heng, Managing Director of Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn Bhd (Senheng), to support Malaysian SMEs especially in the retail industry to grow by providing retail training course in KL , Malaysia.

Many Malaysian SMEs today are facing business challenges due to reducing footfall, e-commerce competition, and lack of talents. SHRA combines time-proven application successes from Senheng with the latest knowledge and concepts to bring effective learning programs for Malaysian SMEs, especially in the retail industry. As the leading consumer electronics retailer in Malaysia established since 1989, Senheng has innovated through many transformations and pioneered many initiatives such as Digital Transformation and Seamless, vital elements to the business concept of New Retail.

Starting from the formulation of SHRA training programs outlines, the program content, and the delivery methods; each process is derived using retail thought process and retail needs. The programs that SHRA offers are specifically catered for the Malaysian retail sector addressing various elements from retail management such as inventory, manpower, sales, supply chain, succession and leadership, crisis and risk, presentation, digitalization to New Retail, and more. SHRA also specializes in customizing programs according to the clients’ needs and technical requirements.

SHRA is also providing leadership training and development courses in KL, Malaysia. Effective leadership of others starts with being able to lead yourself first. Yet, leading yourself is often the most difficult person you’ll lead in your career as well as in your personal life. The challenging journey to self-mastery is a life-long process and one of the most important question that we need to ask when it comes to leading self is “if I could do that again, how would I do it?”. Therefore, this training is about giving you an opportunity to increase your self-awareness, thus improving your capacity for choice over what attitudes, behaviors and leadership approach will best serve you and others.

SHRA’s lecturers are HRDF certified Trainer .  All the courses are claimable under HRDF training courses in Malaysia.

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